Appliance Safety
The #1 cause of house fires...Lack of appliance maintenance!

The #1 cause of house fires...Lack of appliance maintenance!

We care about your safety!

We care about your safety!

The #1 cause of house fires is caused by lack of appliance maintenance.  Don’t worry, we can help. 

We offer an exclusive maintenance program for $199.

Twice a year we will schedule a service call to clean and inspect all of your appliances.  Here is what we will do:                   
When was the last time you cleaned your refrigerator coils?  Manufacturers recommend cleaning the coils twice a year.  A dirty coil will use up to 20% more electricity and cut the life expectancy of you appliance in half.  We will:
· Clean refrigerator coils
· Check for replacement of water filter
· Replace light bulbs
· Lubricate door seals
If your inlet hose bursts when you are not home the incoming water will not shut off.  We will:
· Check hoses
· Check for leaks
· Change screens in hoses
Lint builds up in you dryer vent and will restrict the air flow increasing electricity usage.  This is the number 1 reason for house fires.  We will:
· Clean vent
· Clean inside cabinet
· Check drive belt 
A clogged filter will reduce the efficiency of the dishwasher and cleanliness of your dishes.  We will:
· Check for leaks
· Clean filter
· Clean pump
We will clean all the difficult range parts:
· Clean glass top
· Clean door window
· Inspect gas line for leaks
· Check and clean charcoal filters
· Inspect magnetron tube for leaks
· Clean grease filter
· Check door for radiation leaks
If you need service we will repair your appliance and offer the following discounts:
· 30% off all parts
· 1/2 off first service call for the year
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